Build Engineer

Santa Clara, California, United States


Build & Release Engineer

Santa Clara, CA

Full Time Position

Job Description:

Aligning with the project manager on the approved patches to be merged (cherry-pick, if needed)

The systems are: Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Perforce.

Propagating developer branches into the Release Candidate branch

Resolving simple merge conflicts

Pre-compilation preparations: code scan (static analyzers, like Klocworks, IP scan)

First level analysis of the compilation result, and resolving first-level SW errors (dependencies issues, simple merge conflicts, outdated delivered artifacts, etc.). Not expected to be expert in the code or technology.

Documenting the changes and issues the Release Notes, memory maps, known issues

Merging the RC back to the mainline

Create labels

Regular builds will be required on a bi-weekly basis (as recurrent routine every two weeks), but also on-demand engineering build and experimental ad-hoc builds.

Code is mostly C, part of it is C++ (mostly “simple” C++)

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