UVM Verification Engineer - Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka, India


UVM Verification Engineer

Work Location: Penang, Malaysia (long Term Opportunity)

Position: Permanent

4-12 Yrs

Job Description:-


(1) OVM coding and debug knowledge. Able to write tests and debug tests independently:
Able to understand SOALA will be a bonus.
Understand test plan and feature
Modify existing OVM/SAOLA tests to meet the requirements
Write new tests in OVM/SAOLA
Assertion check

(2) Need to know how to use VCS/DVE and debug basic errors like Construct, Null object, time 0 independently.

Special skill sets below will be preferred: -

(2) GLS
(3) X-prop
(4) Coverage Coding and analysis
(5) HSIO related knowledge (PCIe, SATA, USBx)
(6) LSIO related knowledge (OCP, I2C, UART, SPI)
(7) Interrupts and legacy related knowledge (RTC, LPC, SMBUS, TR)
(8) GPIO
(9) Intel Bootblow
(10)Intel PMC flow (Sx, S0ix)
(11)Intel Clock/power gating testing/PLL shutdown flow
(12)Intel fabrics (IOSF primary and Sideband



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