HArdware validation engineer

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Validation Engineer

Santa Clara, CA

Fulltime Position

Job Description:

  • Validation Engineers, 4-5 years of experience in running validation tests in lab
  • Nature of work: Working within GNSS validation lab located in SC12 and/or SC2 and/or shared vendor lab of ICE (Sunnyvale)
    • Replicating a validation setup (connecting different types of equipment, Spirent Simulator, PC’s , MacBook, attenuators, CMW500 base simulator , than installing relevant images to the different equipment / PC’s and then calibration the setup, all in accordance to well-known procedure)
    • Maintenance of validation setup : change in SW image / Operating system build , various networking issues, disk clean-ups etc.
    • Performing validation cycle: Using an automated setup, verifying that all equipment and DUT is installed properly, uploading image and test flow as will be instructed by validation manager , verifying that flow is running. After completion, trigger post processing application and verify that all files and results were created properly. Document and send mail with relevant information on the run and location of the results
    • Bring up new DUT’s (boards). (Not the first one, this is assuming first one is working, and rework procedure + image are available). Take to board to the technician for rework, than load image and perform acceptance test + calibration in accordance to known procedure.
    • Monitoring running setups to discover crashes or stalls, and handle these issues so execution will continue.
    • General support in lab to the lab validation engineers.
    • Execute regression cycle
    • Execute LL KPI cycle
    • Execute short TSX cycle
    • Execute Full TSX cycle
    • Execute Co-Ex regression cycle
    • Replicate validation setup including calibration.
    • Bring up new DUT including calibration
    • General lab support

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